Thursday, July 31, 2014

Early bird registration deadline is today!

If you want to save $10 off the registration for the Third Annual Mid-America Homesteading Conference, click on over to the registration page right away because the deadline is midnight tonight.

What's so great about this year's conference? We have some awesome speakers lined up to talk about some exciting topics ...

  • Victoria Miller, author of Pure Poultry, will be talking about living off-grid, raising poultry, and water bath and pressure canning.
  • Ben Nelson will be talking about creating your own electric vehicles on a budget.
  • Wes King of Illinois Stewardship Alliance will give you the latest information on how to legally sell what you produce on your homestead.
  • Mike Boehle will demonstrate how to make cold-process goat milk soap, as well as mozzarella cheese. "But what if I don't have goats?" you ask. No problem! Mike will explain how you can use milk from the store.
And we will also be talking about beekeeping, raising sheep and goats, gardening, selling at a farmer's market, raising mushrooms, and more! To see all of the other educational sessions planned, click here to see the schedule for the day!

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