Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beekeeping sessions confirmed

For those of you who are interested in beekeeping, we've confirmed Bronx beekeeper Zan Asha! Here are the sessions she will be presenting:

Organic Beekeeping 101 ~ For those interested in taking a natural approach to beekeeping--this organic beekeeping class focuses on caring for bees "the way grandpa did it." Zan Asha will teach the same pesticide and medicine free principles that her WWII grandfather practiced -- which relies on the laws of the hive and the bees' own structure to work for you. Hive maintenance, bee social structure, organic pest and disease control, and much more will be taught in this intensive class that has been featured from the East coast throughout the Midwest.

Urban Beekeeping ~ So you want to start beekeeping in the city, but don't think it's possible? Think again! Noted organic and urban beekeeper Zan Asha will show you the steps to getting started with hives, no matter what your space or situation. Particulars of city dwelling and keeping are discussed including: zoning for bees, keeping possibilities in various situations including rooftop keeping and community garden keeping, keeping your city neighbors happy, swarms and other trouble shooting in the city, and much more. Plus, we'll learn to do it all organically! Join us for this interesting and informative beekeeping class.

Swarms And Other Beekeeping Buzz ~ For those keepers who are interested in the more "exotic" or puzzling beekeeping conundrums, this class is for you. Worried about catching your first swarm, or looking to keep your bees from swarming altogether? What happens when your hive goes queenless? Is there a way to foster more honey production? What's the latest or best hive and equipment for your bees? These questions and more will be answered in this class. Bring us your toughest questions and you'll find an answer here!

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  1. I'll be hard pressed to decide what sessions to attend! I'm looking forward to seeing the schedule and how much overlap there will be.